Baked Chicken with Spinach and Artichokes

Wow. Work has been crazy this week which means I fell super behind on my blog. I’m sorry for being so neglectful. This past Sunday I was craving a healthy low-calorie dinner after my indulgences on Saturday at Markt (I could write a whole blog on this restaurant. I would highly recommend it if you’re in NYC and looking for some Belgium food). I found this recipe on Pinterest and the pictures sold me. I also don’t normally cook with artichokes but I love them, so this was the perfect way to start.

I used boneless skinless chicken thighs but I think that this might be even better with bone-in & skin on. That way you can get a delicious crisp crust that keeps the chicken nice and tender. Pre-heat your oven to 425 degrees. Sear all the chicken pieces in 1 tablespoon of butter and two tablespoons of olive oil. I think the trick with searing any type of meat is to not fiddle with it. I left it alone on each side for about 3-5 minutes. Set chicken aside. In the same pan sauté all your veggies: artichokes, onion, garlic and carrots. Side Note: I was overly thrilled that Whole Foods allows you to buy single carrots. I ALWAYS end up wasting carrots!!! This is amazing and all grocery stores should offer it. Add the spinach to the pan and once it starts wilting add your vegetable stock. Add the chicken back to the pan and bake for about 15 minutes (it will take longer to fully cook with bone-in chicken). Let it stand for about 5 minutes before serving as it will be very hot.

Spinach Artichoke Chicken

Yum! The butter adds so much flavor to the chicken. I think that might make the dish. Along with the artichokes, you can’t forget those artichokes! We had some leftover which Jason brought for lunch the next day but sadly he said that it wasn’t great re-heated. I think this recipe serves about 3-4 people perfectly. Try to eat it all up that night. A healthy, relatively fast one-skillet dinner. Winning.

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s day! I’m making a special dinner of Beef Wellington, Asparagus and Red Velvet Brownies for dessert. Check back this weekend to see how it all turned out.

Organic Chicken Breast Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Spinach

I have a confession. I don’t usually like chicken breasts unless grilled to perfection and even then, it’s still, meh. I usually cook chicken thighs or drumsticks, which while tastier, do bring along some added fat. I finally decided I wanted to try to conquer the chicken breast. This recipe was inspired by Skinnytaste’s Stuffed Chicken with Prosciutto, Pears and Brie, which quite frankly, sounds divine.

Organic Ingredients:

2 large chicken breasts
1/2 small log of garlic and herb goat cheese
1/4 cup of cooked spinach
1/2 large onion, minced
Olive oil
Salt & pepper, to taste
Cooking twine

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees.
Allow chicken and goat cheese to come to room temperature. I removed mine about 45 minutes prior to cooking. Saute onion in a tablespoon of olive oil until tender & translucent, sprinkle with salt & pepper. Add onion to a large bowl and mix with the softened goat cheese. Wilt spinach in the same sauté pan. You probably won’t need to add any more oil. Add spinach to bowl and combine all three ingredients, add salt & pepper, to taste. Now it’s time to prep the chicken! Cut a pocket into the side of each chicken breast to create a toasty place for the filling. Try not to cut through to the other side, but if it happens, no big deal. Salt & pepper both sides of the chicken. Stuff pockets with the filling and then securely tie with twine. I followed Skinnytaste’s instructions and used three pieces of twine per chicken breast.

Heat an additional tablespoon of olive oil over medium heat in an oven proof skillet. Sear the chicken on both sides, approximately 3-5 minutes per side. Then place the pan in the oven (I carefully covered mine with foil as it didn’t have a top and I wanted it to cook quickly) and bake for 20 – 25 minutes. I would recommend letting the chicken sit for 5 minutes before serving as the filling will be very hot!!

Stuffed Chicken in Pan

Voila! I was so pleased with this dinner! I really enjoyed it. And remember you can always switch up the ingredients in the filling. I think adding artichokes would have been delicious and Jason mentioned that he thought adding cranberries would have made this amazing, and I have to agree. A touch of sweetness would have been fantastic. I served this with a small helping of leftover rice & beans but a salad or sweet potato side would be delicious too.

Stuffed Chicken

This weekend I will be on my own which means I can dedicated a whole weekend to Pilates, barre and some vegan dinners! I am dragging Jason to a vegan restaurant for dinner tonight, stay tuned for a review! I am also excited to try this new vegan recipe I found on another blog: Morrocanish Roasted Spaghetti Squash with Pan Fried Chickpeas, Capers and Kale. YUM! Full recipe review to follow!

Have a great weekend lovelies!