Recipe Review: Grits ‘N Greens Casserole

I was browsing blogs on WordPress one day and I came across this particularly interesting recipe, Grits ‘N Greens Casserole, on Stalking Celery. I love Cheesy Grits and Collard Greens and having them in a casserole topped with bacon sealed the deal. Luckily my husband was leaving for the weekend because he absolutely refuses to eat collards, which makes me sad. Not only are collards delicious but they are also very healthy.

This recipe boasts only 260 calories per serving, but I think mine might pack a little more because I made a pretty big change. I use bacon instead of Canadian bacon and the rendered bacon fat instead of olive oil to saute the onion, garlic, and greens. I just couldn’t toss away that skillet full of flavor. Obviously I didn’t use ALL of the bacon fat, just a tablespoon. That being said, I still think overall this casserole wasn’t too caloric. Just minimize the frequency of your bacon consumption and you’re all good. It’s all about moderation!

I also added a couple tablespoons of white vinegar to my greens while they were wilting. The recipe suggest adding some water if they look dry but I added vinegar and it was a fantastic flavor addition. At first I though the addition of salsa to the grits was a bit strange but I went with it and I’m super glad I did. It added so much flavor without actually tasting like salsa.

Cheesy Grits and Collards

The cheesy grits, tangy collards, and salty bacon were the perfect combination. I would definitely make this again. I brought a little southern flare to New Jersey, y’all!


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