Blue Apron: Mushroom and Ricotta Calzones

Dough stresses me out. Baking stresses me out. I can never roll out dough the way I want to, especially sticky pizza dough. It always ends up misshapen and I inevitably snap at Jason and blame him for everything that went wrong, even when he’s not anywhere near the kitchen. It’s my process.

This dinner was no different. These Mushroom and Ricotta Calzones, however, turned out delicious albeit imperfectly shaped. And my husband was amazingly patient with me and we somehow made it through without an argument. Shocking.

This dinner really requires minimal effort after tackling the dough. My best advice is to make sure the dough is truly at room temperature before trying to roll it out. I also just used my hands, I didn’t even both with a rolling pin. I would also suggest lining the baking sheet with parchment paper and then spreading the flour over the top. Our calzones tried to stick to the pan which resulted in a minor tantrum before Jason rescued them. It was a rough day.

Mushroom and Ricotta Calzones

The end result is a fluffy delicious dough filled with earthy mushrooms and creamy ricotta. We had some left over filling so I just threw it in the sauce. There is no need to waste that delicious mixture. I would highly recommend trying this recipe. It’s worth the struggle and oh so comforting.

What do you struggle with in the kitchen? I can’t be alone, right?!


One thought on “Blue Apron: Mushroom and Ricotta Calzones

  1. I can’t lie – Chris is in charge of rolling out the pizza dough in our household. And I’ve gotten pretty annoyed at several baking challenges in the kitchen. Why do I have to be so precise with ingredients?!?!?!


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