Life Lessons with Tortellini

Life can be monotonous. It is incredibly easy to get wrapped up in day to day tasks and forget to actually live. I am guilty of this, especially during the week. I live for the weekends. I made a list of goals that I want to accomplish each week that will hopefully help me slow down and enjoy life’s sweet moments.

1. Breathe. If someone pushes you on the subway, take a deep breath and give them the benefit of the doubt. Don’t allow yourself to be caught up in their anger, it serves no purpose.

2. Move. Every. Single. Day. It makes you feel alive. No matter what you do, commit to it and see it through.

3. Stop. When you get caught in the rain, stop and smile. Turn the moment into something positive and laugh at life’s jokes.

4. Laugh. Surround yourself around positive people and enjoy them! Don’t take yourself too seriously.

5. Love. Tell your family and friends how much you love them, as often as possible. You never know when it will be the last time. Life is nothing without love.

6. Eat something delicious. I love to cook. I love trying new food and recipes. I try to find something new to make each week and I always look forward to it. This Tortellini with Mushrooms and Pancetta recipe is a winner. You really can’t lose when it comes to pasta, mushrooms and bacon. It’s also super easy.

Tortellini with mushrooms and bacon

Until next time. Stay happy!


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