Epicurious: Saffron Seafood Boil

This weekend was one of my favorites. Both Jason and I were home and we were able to relax with no plans. The highlight of my weekend was discovering an adorable cafe & juice bar that opened up down the street from us. It’s called The Corner (they don’t have a website yet but it’s on the corner of Walnut Street and Grove Street in Montclair, NJ) and the juices and food are delicious! The decor was perfectly quaint. It was the great way to re-fuel after my Kettle-bells and Pilates classes.

Juices from The Corner

We also found time to visit a nice little brewery, only about 30 minutes away in Butler, NJ. Ramstein Brewery was a great way to spend an afternoon.

Ramstein Brewery Door

The tasting room is small and darkly lit, but it opens up into the brewery which offers more space and light. It’s a little grungy which makes it feel authentic and real. They had four beers on tap and we each ordered different ones and shared. They also offer flights. My favorite was the Blonde Hefe-Weizen and Jason loved the Golden Lager. We left with a 6-pack of the Blonde and a growler of the Golden. We will be returning soon!

Ramstein Brewery Inside

On the way home I forced Jason to stop at Trader Joe’s so I could stock up on supplies for the week. Dinner on Saturday was a delicious Saffron Seafood Boil from Epicurious. I made several changes to the recipe, mainly because I’m not fully confident cooking mussels or clams at home yet.

1. I used shrimp, cod and chorizo. Looking back I think I should have picked up halibut, as the recipe suggested, as the cod was very delicate and fell apart easily.

2. I seasoned with salt & pepper a little bit more than suggested. Some of the reviews said the broth was a little bland and I wanted to avoid that.

Saffron Seafood Boil

I thought this turned out great. It was seasoned well and the fish and shrimp were cooked perfectly. The chorizo really added some delicious flavor and spice. I think this saffron base would pair nicely with almost any seafood (except maybe salmon). Think lobster?!



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