Yogurt Topped with Blackberries and Honey

I hardly post breakfast recipes. I’m pretty basic when it comes to breakfast. When I’m looking for something filling but light I look to yogurt. I recently read an interesting blog on foodbabe.com about what yogurts are best for you. She recommends choosing a plain organic yogurt and adding your own toppings. I thought this was a GREAT idea and found my new favorite combination of simply blackberries and honey.

Yogurt with Blackberries and Honey

I love honey. It’s a natural sweetener and it’s just so delicious. It mixes perfectly with the tart yogurt. You can really add whatever fruit you want. Blackberries are my favorite berries but I also think that bananas would be a delicious addition. You could even add some raw chopped nuts for added protein. This keeps me full all the way to lunch. However if I’m super famished, I might gobble down a hard boiled egg too. What do you like to start your day with?


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