FunnySo do you all remember that post from Sunday? The one where I detailed the three different batches of homemade cookies I tirelessly baked? Well, a whole plate of them currently resides in the snow.

Last night I was relaxing on my couch with a glass of wine, our dinner order of macaroni and cheese placed and on its way. All was right in the world. Until my loving husband returned home holding up an empty plate that was supposed to be filled with cookies and living in its new owner’s kitchen.

Me: “What did you do?”
Jason: “I dropped them all in the snow. The good new is that the plate didn’t break!”
Me: “No.”

My rage eventually subsided, as did the visions of throwing things at his head (I would never really do that, come on people!) The macaroni and cheese helped.

Looks like I know what we will be doing on Saturday…oh well, can’t sweat the small stuff! At least we will be together 🙂


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