Sunday Soup: Sweet Potato and Black Bean

Hello Friends!

Just three more days until Thanksgiving! I’m very excited for this holiday and long weekend. I spent all weekend getting everything organized and going grocery shopping. Since I know we are going to be eating pretty heavy this week, I decided to make a light yet fulfilling vegetarian soup for dinner tonight. I originally wanted to find something to cook in the Slow Cooker, but all the recipes I found included things like cream cheese (not my favorite ingredient), evaporated milk (no thank you), and / or cheese product (hell no).  I finally stumbled upon this sweet potato and black bean soup from Better Homes and Gardens that looked delicious and easy. It’s vegan (leave off the option cheese) and organic (if you use organic ingredients!)

This soup was so easy! You prep all your ingredients (diced sweet potato, onion, garlic, jalapeno, red bell pepper) and saute in a dutch oven with a little bit of olive oil until the veggies are tender. Don’t worry if the sweet potatoes aren’t fully cooked, as they will be by the time you’re ready for dinner! Then you simply throw in your spices and saute for a bit longer and add your black beans, corn, and tomatoes. You then let the soup come to a boil and reduce the heat a bit and cook uncovered for an additional 15 minutes. Finish by adding some lemon juice and you can serve right away! The resulting broth is a little sweet from the potatoes, tangy from the lemon and slightly spicy. It is very easy to control the spice level. I only used half the jalapeno and a 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Add more and less based on your personal preference.

Sweet potato black bean soup

Healthy, hearty and low calorie! Enjoy!

Sweet potato black bean soup bowl

Wednesday I will be sharing my planned menu for Thanksgiving along with a couple helpful prep tips! Hope everyone has a great Monday 🙂


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